Superconducting accelerator modules for various applications are produced by RI Research Instruments for about 20 years.

We handle all areas of production including preparation and cold RF testing of the cavities, RF processing of the couplers and class 10 (ISO 4) clean room assemblies. We also have the capacity to conduct the installation and acceptance testing of the modules on site. Major projects of the last years are:

  • Delivery of in total fourteen 500 MHz accelerator modules especially suited for high current storage rings or light sources for NSRRC (Taiwan), CLS (Canada), Cornell University (USA), DLS (Great Britain), SSRF (China) and PAL (South Korea).

  • Delivery of two accelerator modules for Daresbury Laboratories in Great Britain. Each module contains two 1300 MHz 9-cell cavities of the XFEL (TESLA) style and is designed for FEL applications.
  • Delivery of a 350 MHz module for the SOLEIL light source in France. The module contains two single cell cavities. The technique developed at CERN of sputtering a thin niobium film onto copper cavities is used for the production of the cavities.

  • Development and delivery of an accelerator module containing six halfwave resonators (176 MHz) for proton/deuteron acceleration.