Particle sources are the starting points of each accelerator facility

RI designs and manufactures electron and ion sources according to customer requirements and specifications. We build sources for the generation of particle beams with a wide range of properties:

  • particle type: electrons, protons, deuterons, H2+, …
  • beam current: from µAmpere to Ampere
  • time structure: pulsed or continuous beam
  • pulse structure: from single bunch to macro-pulses with micro-pulse modulation (up to 3 GHz)
  • pulse length: from sub-nano-second to ∞
  • transversal dimension: low emittance and matched Twiss parameters

The particle sources can be delivered as turnkey systems completed with infrastructure as

  • control system,
  • high voltage power supply,
  • RF power supply,
  • vacuum components,
  • gas supply,
  • focusing and steering magnets,
  • beam diagnostics

Beside all sources for our linear accelerators we as well provided them as stand alone systems to established accelerator labs as ANKA and DELTA.