Photon Instrumentation

We are excited to announce that the Vacuum, Beamline, X-Ray, and XUV activities of Bruker ASC GmbH have been acquired by RI Research Instruments GmbH. Our products and engineering capabilities include the whole range from insertion devices, beamline systems and components, experimental stations, X-ray microscopes, cryo-cooler to XUV systems. We design, manufacture, test and install all our systems and components. Our experienced beamline scientists and engineers are happy to discuss and realize specific solutions for your application.

  • Protein Crystallography and BioSAXS Endstations
    Instrumentation ranging from fully integrated systems to stand-alone components for potein crystallography experimental stations

  • X-Ray Microscopy
    X-ray microscopy applications cover structural biology, colloid research, magnetism, and materials science.

  • Insertion Devices
    Undulator, wigglers and phase shifters for synchrotron light sources and FEL

  • XUV systems and solutions
    stand-alone XUV and EUV solutions for laboratory use in the semiconductor industry, in material and life sciences and in nanotechnology ‚Ä®

  • Closed-loop Cryo-cooler
    Vibration-free closed loop LN2 cryo-cooler systems