We delivered over 1000 superconducting RF cavities to customers worldwide

Manufacturing of superconducting niobium cavities of different types (elliptical, quarter wave, half wave, spoke and CH-mode) is one of the core competences of RI. These cavities are produced for all kinds of applications and customers worldwide. With the installed manufacturing infrastructure RI is able to manufacture superconducting cavities at rates of up to 200 cavities per year.

The most important series production runs of last 10 years have been:

  • 109 elliptical 805 MHz 6-cell cavities for the superconducting SNS linac (USA).
  • 86 elliptical 1500 MHz 7-cell cavities for the CEBAF upgrade (USA)
  • About 110 elliptical 1300 MHz 9-cell cavities of the XFEL-ILC type for various customers (DESY, FNAL, FZ Dresden, Stanford University and BESSY)
  • 16 quarter wave cavities for the GANIL project (France).

Prototype development of superconducting cavities involves inhouse metal forming, turning, milling and electron beam welding. Achieving both the mechanical tolerances and the correct rf parameters (frequency, fieldflatnes, coupling) already with the prototype cavity is our objective.